Sunday, 14 October 2012

Victorian Illustration

These are some experiments I've done as part of one of my third year projects.

I chose the theme 'riches' from a list and I've now gone all Victorian... The plan is at the moment to produce some work for a children's history book (like Dorling Kindersley but more pretty to look at).

I love drawing this kind of stuff because I loved history and I love the detail in some of the garments.

For all three paintings I used a mix of watercolour, ink and white acrylic for the details. I also tried to stay away from using too much black but I think I overdid it on the brooch.

Let me know what you all think! I'll probably end up putting some of these on Society 6 fairly soon. :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Tardis Birthday Card

For all you doctor who geeks out there...

This is a card I made for my housemate's birthday today. I used a mix of gouache and watercolours, with white acrylic and black ink for the smaller details. Can safely say it's fairly different to my normal work but I'm quite pleased with it nonetheless.

On another note, I officially started my third year at uni today and I'm pretty terrified to say the least. This time next year I would have graduated... *faints*
I'll be posting more work, doodles and things once I get going with my modules so stay posted!

Shame I can't just keep drawing tardis's... 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I realized I haven't put anything new on here for a while, so here's a card design for my friend Jo's birthday. I couldn't decide whether to colour it digitally or by hand, but I ended up opting for going digital since my photoshop skills could do with some improvement.

I drew the design using black ink and scanned it in. I decided just to colour the line work rather than fill it in (because it took forever and I got bored).

Friday, 25 May 2012

End of Year Show 2012

Thanks to everyone who came to the private viewing of our end of year show yesterday, can't believe how many people showed up! And thanks to everyone who bought one of my cards.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cards For Sale

I finished my last module for second year a few weeks ago, but haven't had the chance to upload anything here. As well as some cards, I've made some prints that I intend to sell later on (I'll put those up in another post). I got some good feedback from my tutor, and he suggested taking my designs back to the V&A to try and sell in their shop... Worth a try I guess.

I'm currently going through all my work and setting everything up in the studio for our end of year show tomorrow night.

Anyway, here's the designs for the cards I intend to sell:

13x13 cards (including an envelope and insert page) - £3.50
A6 black & white cards (including an envelope) - £2.00

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Compass Design For Greeting Card

My blog is full of compasses! This is one design for a set of greetings cards for the module I'm currently working on (with only a week left!) I also used it for a little title decoration, since it took me a while to draw and I'm quite pleased with it. I tea stained some textured paper from paperchase to make the background, then drew the compass using fine liner. I then put the two together in photoshop.
Tomorrow I'm going to spend a day in the printing room and do some monoprints of -- you guessed it -- more compasses. I'm going to try and print these directly onto my tea stained paper, and maybe tissue paper or something, that worked quite well last time.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Drawings From London

I went to London this week with a few friends to do some location drawings, some research for my current module and to take some proper touristy photos. 

We went to the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum and the V&A, to name a few. I could have spent hours in the jewellery section in the V&A, so many sparkly things! And the Japanese section was really cool, especially all the ceramics and the Lolita dresses. 

For this module, I'm basing my work on some lyrics from the Bright Eyes song "From A Balance Beam." I intend to create some more prints, some framed images and maybe some greeting cards, as it's all about marketing and selling your stuff (exciting!)

These are the lyrics I chose:
"And then we will finally know the way out of here, 
And I will throw away this wrinkled map and my chart of stars,
And my compass, cracked."

...hence why I've been drawing compasses a lot. 

I'll put up some more of my work fairly soon. I'm planning on spending a whole day next week in the print room at uni, so hopefully something worthwhile will come out of that...


Wednesday, 25 April 2012


This is a catch up task from a session I missed in one of my modules. Again, the idea was to compose an image using colour and tone. It took me all morning and I really want to stay in bed all day now. 
I'll also be getting my marks back for my Hansel & Gretel children's book illustrations soon, as well as sending them off for the Macmillan children's book competition. :)


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Rain Paintings

  These are my finals for one of my modules. Considering I haven't worked in acrylics for a long time and I normally use stupid amounts of detail, I think these have turned out pretty well.

 I based this on the ink painting I did that was in my last post: Girl With A Blue Umbrella. I think this one's also my favourite.
 This one was based on a sketch of some people standing at a bus shelter. I drew the bus shelter when it wasn't raining, and added the people from some other sketches. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Girl With A Blue Umbrella

This is some work in progress/possible final piece for my module about colour. I tried to re create my ink experiments but they didn't work so well this time around, so I tried a different technique which ended up working pretty well. Plus I thought I might as well get out and do some drawing, even if it was raining. But it proved an interesting idea in terms of colour in the end... 

I was really inspired by this artist -- Leonid Afremov. I absolutely love his use of colour, and especially his city paintings. I would love to be able to paint like this someday, but my work needs a hell of a push to get to this standard. So I'm going to do some more rainy ink paintings, and maybe try to incorporate bolder colours or more activity... who knows...

Monday, 16 April 2012

Ink & Water Experiments

These are some experiments with ink and water for another of my modules that I need to finish. I'm basing my work around colour and I'm trying to be as expressive/carefree as possible. 
I'm quite pleased with them, especially the image on the right, which I tried to make look like rain. I used a straw to blow the ink around the page more. I think this image looks like people on an ice rink or in a rainy town square (though maybe I've been looking at it too closely...). I might pursue this idea of crowd scenes, and use a bigger range of colours.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Hansel & Gretel: Spread Number 3 & Cover Design


Awaiting my review session with my tutor tomorrow, but I couldn't be happier that this module's over. I'm really pleased with my outcomes (more or less), but I don't want anything to do with 'Hansel & Gretel' ever again.
Will be sending my finals into the Macmillan competition soon, but I'm looking forward to a break over Easter (apart from a 2000-2200 word essay and work from another module to finish).