Wednesday, 25 April 2012


This is a catch up task from a session I missed in one of my modules. Again, the idea was to compose an image using colour and tone. It took me all morning and I really want to stay in bed all day now. 
I'll also be getting my marks back for my Hansel & Gretel children's book illustrations soon, as well as sending them off for the Macmillan children's book competition. :)


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Rain Paintings

  These are my finals for one of my modules. Considering I haven't worked in acrylics for a long time and I normally use stupid amounts of detail, I think these have turned out pretty well.

 I based this on the ink painting I did that was in my last post: Girl With A Blue Umbrella. I think this one's also my favourite.
 This one was based on a sketch of some people standing at a bus shelter. I drew the bus shelter when it wasn't raining, and added the people from some other sketches. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Girl With A Blue Umbrella

This is some work in progress/possible final piece for my module about colour. I tried to re create my ink experiments but they didn't work so well this time around, so I tried a different technique which ended up working pretty well. Plus I thought I might as well get out and do some drawing, even if it was raining. But it proved an interesting idea in terms of colour in the end... 

I was really inspired by this artist -- Leonid Afremov. I absolutely love his use of colour, and especially his city paintings. I would love to be able to paint like this someday, but my work needs a hell of a push to get to this standard. So I'm going to do some more rainy ink paintings, and maybe try to incorporate bolder colours or more activity... who knows...

Monday, 16 April 2012

Ink & Water Experiments

These are some experiments with ink and water for another of my modules that I need to finish. I'm basing my work around colour and I'm trying to be as expressive/carefree as possible. 
I'm quite pleased with them, especially the image on the right, which I tried to make look like rain. I used a straw to blow the ink around the page more. I think this image looks like people on an ice rink or in a rainy town square (though maybe I've been looking at it too closely...). I might pursue this idea of crowd scenes, and use a bigger range of colours.