Saturday, 5 May 2012

Drawings From London

I went to London this week with a few friends to do some location drawings, some research for my current module and to take some proper touristy photos. 

We went to the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum and the V&A, to name a few. I could have spent hours in the jewellery section in the V&A, so many sparkly things! And the Japanese section was really cool, especially all the ceramics and the Lolita dresses. 

For this module, I'm basing my work on some lyrics from the Bright Eyes song "From A Balance Beam." I intend to create some more prints, some framed images and maybe some greeting cards, as it's all about marketing and selling your stuff (exciting!)

These are the lyrics I chose:
"And then we will finally know the way out of here, 
And I will throw away this wrinkled map and my chart of stars,
And my compass, cracked."

...hence why I've been drawing compasses a lot. 

I'll put up some more of my work fairly soon. I'm planning on spending a whole day next week in the print room at uni, so hopefully something worthwhile will come out of that...


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