Thursday, 14 March 2013

Douwe Egberts Coffee Packaging Design

Moving on from card designs...

This is another YCN student brief, this time for Douwe Egberts coffee. The online brief said to basically make the brand more appealing to younger consumers and encourage having one of their coffee's at home rather than buying some from a Costa or a Starbucks.

I liked the vignettes layout I've been using recently in my card designs, and decided to do that again for this brief. I'm quite pleased with the design, will be sending these off for the competition tonight!

Please let me know what you all think, very thankful for all the feedback on my recent work.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Birthday, Wedding & New Home Cards

Hi everybody,

These are some more card designs I've been working on the last few days that I plan to enter for one of the YCN student briefs (and maybe to send to some companies as well) ... exciting stuff. I love drawing vignettes, so this was especially nice as I was drawing lots of random things for once -- from ipods to watering cans to jewellery.

As usual, all in watercolour with brown ink, which I spilt the other day so I need to buy some more...

Ignore the blue lines running across the birthday card, they were from Photoshop and these are just screen shots.

I think my favourite is the "home sweet home" one, I like how the colour co ordination has turned out. Please let me know what you think of them, layouts for instance. Also any suggestions for more designs would be brilliant -- I'm currently working on one for a new baby, maybe a birthday card more suited to guys as well.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ink Journal Submission

This was a piece I did a while back has been shortlisted for Plymouth's student literary journal "INK" which is all rather nice and exciting. The theme was "Memory" and it made me instantly think of swings when I was little. I wish I could still go on swings now without either being drunk or looking a bit odd...

I used my traditional mix of indian ink and watercolour, but I liked the end result of only adding line detail to the trunk of the tree and the swing.

Also, I've finally updated my forgotten Tumblr account, currently in the process of adding some old/new/interesting work to it. For anyone interested or for anyone who's also on Tumblr, my site is:

And I can't remember if I've already mentioned this (probably not) but my work is also available to buy on Society 6 (including this design) in lots of cool things like t shirts, bags and phone cases:

Saturday, 9 March 2013

UK Greetings: Engagement Ring Design

And I'm back to drawing rings...

For one of my modules I've been doing some random card designs, such as the ones with the birds a few posts back. I'm planning to enter a few designs to one of the YCN briefs for UK Greetings. This is one I've been working on since doing the black and white ring design.

For those who are already familiar with my work, you know I like historical/vintage objects, particularly those with a huge amount of detail -- there's so much to look at! When I was in London at the V&A, I spent ages drawing some of the jewellery, which inspired me for this design. I wanted the designs to look old fashioned, yet timeless (sort of...?)

I used watercolour with brown ink and a dip pen, one thing I discovered was that the brown ink runs on a wet surface, which looked rather cool. 

Please let me know what you think -- not sure about the background colour yet, or if there should be text as well with the design ("Congratulations on your engagement" -- that kind of thing?) I will be pouring back over my London sketchbook and photos for more ideas, suggestions welcome!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Three Days In London

As promised, here are some photos and sketches from my trip to London with Josie.

On thursday we arrived in London at 7.30 after getting the 1 am Megabus from Plymouth, and went to the Optometry centre when it opened. It was pretty awesome -- we got a tour, some free postcards and tried on some funky glasses.

We then had a wander around Trafalgar Square, took some cheesy touristy photos, saw some Lolita girls, and went to the National Gallery.

We also ran into Pat Butcher, sort of...

Friday was the Poster conference at the V&A which was really good. Learnt lots of new stuff and listened to talks from lots of interesting people. One of my favourites was probably Dryden Goodwin's "Linear" Art on the Underground: 

We also had fun in the spin top chairs by the lecture halls...

We had dinner at Yo Sushi in Harvey Nichol's which was really nice. We also tried bubble tea which was interesting, basically tasted like mango squash with blueberries (I'm assuming these were the so called "bubbles").

On Saturday we stopped by the Science museum, but forgot that it would be crazy busy with children and families so we weren't there for long. But we had some fun looking at bubbles and dry ice making patterns with carbon dioxide.

We then went back to the V&A to do some more drawings, and discovered new rooms that we'd never been in before, such as the silver and metal rooms, costume and theatre & performance, plus some rooms that weren't ready to be opened yet but we had a sneak peek from the balconies.

All in all, a really lovely few days, I always forget how much I love the V&A, and the conference was definitely worth going to. :)