Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ink Journal Submission

This was a piece I did a while back has been shortlisted for Plymouth's student literary journal "INK" which is all rather nice and exciting. The theme was "Memory" and it made me instantly think of swings when I was little. I wish I could still go on swings now without either being drunk or looking a bit odd...

I used my traditional mix of indian ink and watercolour, but I liked the end result of only adding line detail to the trunk of the tree and the swing.

Also, I've finally updated my forgotten Tumblr account, currently in the process of adding some old/new/interesting work to it. For anyone interested or for anyone who's also on Tumblr, my site is:

And I can't remember if I've already mentioned this (probably not) but my work is also available to buy on Society 6 (including this design) in lots of cool things like t shirts, bags and phone cases:

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