Saturday, 9 March 2013

UK Greetings: Engagement Ring Design

And I'm back to drawing rings...

For one of my modules I've been doing some random card designs, such as the ones with the birds a few posts back. I'm planning to enter a few designs to one of the YCN briefs for UK Greetings. This is one I've been working on since doing the black and white ring design.

For those who are already familiar with my work, you know I like historical/vintage objects, particularly those with a huge amount of detail -- there's so much to look at! When I was in London at the V&A, I spent ages drawing some of the jewellery, which inspired me for this design. I wanted the designs to look old fashioned, yet timeless (sort of...?)

I used watercolour with brown ink and a dip pen, one thing I discovered was that the brown ink runs on a wet surface, which looked rather cool. 

Please let me know what you think -- not sure about the background colour yet, or if there should be text as well with the design ("Congratulations on your engagement" -- that kind of thing?) I will be pouring back over my London sketchbook and photos for more ideas, suggestions welcome!


  1. Do you illustrate designer engagement rings? Or work on antique designer engagement rings, I'm looking for something for my fiance

  2. I tend to illustrate all kinds of jewellery, but I've been drawing engagement rings a lot more recently. The designs in this post are ideally for greeting cards/prints etc. I copied the rings and the boxes from different photographs and from my London sketches to make one complete design.

    The black and white drawing a few posts back was inspired by a couple of different rings though.

    I can draw out a couple of designs for you if you think that would be ideal -- however I haven't designed a ring before as opposed to simply drawing one. But I have designed a bridal tiara for a friend who then made it.

    If you have any questions or if you would like to pursue this further, my email address is: