Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Birthday, Wedding & New Home Cards

Hi everybody,

These are some more card designs I've been working on the last few days that I plan to enter for one of the YCN student briefs (and maybe to send to some companies as well) ... exciting stuff. I love drawing vignettes, so this was especially nice as I was drawing lots of random things for once -- from ipods to watering cans to jewellery.

As usual, all in watercolour with brown ink, which I spilt the other day so I need to buy some more...

Ignore the blue lines running across the birthday card, they were from Photoshop and these are just screen shots.

I think my favourite is the "home sweet home" one, I like how the colour co ordination has turned out. Please let me know what you think of them, layouts for instance. Also any suggestions for more designs would be brilliant -- I'm currently working on one for a new baby, maybe a birthday card more suited to guys as well.



  1. Lovely!!! I love them all but especially the home sweet home :-D


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