Friday, 5 July 2013

D&AD Show

Earlier this week some of us went to London for the yearly D&AD "New Blood" show which was so exciting and it was great to visit the show as well as have my work exhibited in it. So here are a few photos, and I've added links to some of my wonderful fellow illustrators from Plymouth...

Emily Cammell

Jamie Bradford

Meg Ashford

Josie Maskell

Holly Liminton

Paddy Smith

Jordan Rogers

... and Josie and Emily invigilating

And my board!

Plymouth University Degree Show 2013

These are some photos from the end of year show last month. My stand included mainly my travel project which included my illustrated map, the paintings of Petra and St. Basil's Cathedral, my entries to Tigerprint's 'Female Pattern Design' competition and the "Beautiful Buildings" editorial. I also included some original paintings from my thematic module last year.


"From Russia With Love" Illustrated Map

I recently realized how lousy I have been with keeping this blog up to date, what with all the deadlines and assessments, final shows and the trip to London. So stay tuned for more updates on what I have been up to for the last month or so because it's been crazy!

The design below was the final part of my travel illustration brief, and a few posts back I put up some Russian photos and a painting of St. Basil's Cathedral, so this is kind of a continuation from that. The design was painted in gouache and indian ink, and combined painting and hand drawn typography techniques.