Saturday, 28 June 2014

Print & Pattern (& a bit of general) inspiration

A week or so ago I spent the day in Guildford with a fellow awesome illustrator, and we basically spent most of the day taking photos of anything design-related that caught our eye. This got me thinking about what I am generally inspired by, how it influences my work and how I can improve upon myself. as a professional illustrator.

 The last few months have been really rather quiet in terms of trying to be an independent illustrator/designer so I thought I'd take a stand (of sorts) and try and push myself harder than I've ever done before. And because it's scary out there and rather intimidating at times, it might just make me want to work a little harder!

Apologies for the cheesy opening, but the photos below have inspired me to pursue a series of print and pattern designs for a variety of products. I entered Tigerprint's "Floral Pattern" competition this month as a good start off, and these photos really boosted what I wanted to get out of this.

So, lots of repetitive pattern, lots of detail and a lot of different colour palettes. And you can see inspiration comes from all over the place (who'd have thought teacups!?) but it does open a lot of doors if you look at it the right way. I've stated that museums are often my go-to place with a sketchbook if I'm ever facing an artist's block, but it's surprising where you might see something or somebody's work that makes you go "ooh!"

Below is a page of sketches I did in preparation for the Tigerprint competition, and my final entry:

So if you compare this to some of my original work, I've used more of the black line, while keeping my splash-y watercolour technique. I've also tried to keep it as minimalistic as possible, making it ideal for a range of products, including gift wrap and bags.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more news and new designs!

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